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What is NCTAE?

NCTAE is an organization, founded by theatre teachers, run by theatre teachers, dedicated to meeting theatre teachers' unique needs through professional development, networking and advocacy.






















The president, secretary, and treasurer are elected positions. However,  NCTAE strives to entrust each member with a key role in the organization. Each NCTAE member is encouraged to join a committee that aligns with their specific interests. NCTAE Committees are Advocacy, Membership, Enrichment, Development, and Playwrights. Each committee exists to strengthen and develop NCTAE as a meaningful and supportive organization.











Advocacy Committee -

Chairperson:  Chris Veneris

The Advocacy Committee seeks to stay informed of ever-changing and evolving role of education, specifically arts education, in local, state, national, and world political fields. The mission of the Advocacy Committee is to keep NCTAE informed and responsive to legislation that may effect arts education and to be an active voice in the decisions that effect our classrooms. Advocacy seeks to invigorate the members of NCTAE with a sense of awareness and active involvement.  Contact


Enrichment Committee -

Chairperson: Pete Comperatore

Professional Enrichment is all about keeping our members passionate about the subject of theatre and contributing to each member's life-long learning. The largest responsibility of this committee is to organize Winter Focus retreats and secure highly trained, accredited professionals to work with our members. The Professional Enrichment Committee also is the think tank behind creating opportunities for teachers and their students to experience enriching experiences that develop them as highly trained thespians. Contact


Playwrights Committee -

Chairperson: Elin Waring

The NC Young Playwrights Festival is one of NCTAE's most popular and beloved events. There is a great deal of planning and preparation that is needed to produce this event. The Playwrights Committee seeks to enhance this festival each year by continually improving the experience for students, teachers, parents, and coordinating members.

Please read this attached document for further information about Playwrights Committee positions. Contact 


Membership Committee -

Chairperson: Joseph Byrd

It may seem as though NCTAE magically grows with new members each year, but there is actually an active committee that continually finds new ways of reaching out to new potential members. the Membership Committee strives to grow NCTAE through continuous communication and invitations to all potential members.


Development Committee -

Chairperson: Michael Johnson

The Development Committee is dedicated to the financial growth of our organization by securing the funds for our future programs, scholarships, and support for all North Carolina Theatre Arts Educators.  The Development Committee recruits vendors for Fall Sharing to offer our members the opportunity to connect with professionals in our field.  The Development Committee works to obtain grants and sponsorship for Professional Development. Contact



Our open "KITCHEN TABLE-STYLE" Board Meetings


Our Board is made up of the three elected officers, committee chairs, and chairs of specially appointed committees/projects. Our meetings are informal--like gathering around the kitchen table--and every member is invited to attend. Everyone is welcome and we want you to know you have a voice and a place at the table.  The Board meets at Fall Sharing Conference, Winter Focus Conference, and online as needed throughout the year.  Email for more information.


Are you interested in a leadership position in NCTAE?  Contact Lori Hilliard at to find out how you can be involved.





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