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Since 2003, NC Young Playwrights has been a program for students and teachers dedicated to increasing playwriting in the K-12 classroom in North Carolina. NC Young Playwrights is the perfect opportunity for your students to receive the collaborative, intensive, professional exposure to the world of playwriting that will create lasting memories and highly beneficial experience.




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NCYP Festival



The first step in becoming involved in NC Young Playwrights Festival is to submit your students work to NC Young Playwrights. Many teacher have playwriting units that end in a written play. By submitting the students play you have provided a perfect opportunity to expand the student's understanding of playwriting and celebrating their hard work. Submissions don't just come from playwriting units. NC Theatre Teachers have found that a passionate playwright is always ready to be encouraged to participate in this event. Each NCTAE member can submit up to five entries from their school. Submitted plays will be read by qualified theatre professionals who will adjudicate based on a common score sheet. The plays that receive the highest communal score will be asked to participate in the NC Young Playwrights Showcase and they will receive an award:






Qualifications for Submitted Plays:


  • The teacher must be a current member of NCTAE

  • NCTAE member may only submit 1-5 entries from a school

  • Entries must be 20 pages or less

  • Entries must have 8 characters or less

  • Plays can be written by an individual or a class 


How to Submit Correctly:​​


  • Submit plays to the NCYPF Google Form 

  • Make sure the selected plays are in the correct format (see resources below)

  • Save selections as the title of the play and either ES, MS or HS. (ex. Hamlet HS)

  • Use HS, MS, and ES rubrics before submitting to make sure that you have all qualifications covered

  • Only submit in word document or google doc form. PDFs will not be accepted.

Please, also, complete and attach the following to your entries: 

Complete the Publishing Permission Form 

Video and Photo Release Form 




Submissions for the 2022-2023 school year are due by January 27th, 2023.  Submissions are accepted by Chad Schuermeyer. 

Teachers, please submit by completing a NCYPF GOOGLE FORM

For questions about submissions email


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NC Young Playwrights Festival Showcase is such an amazing

experience for students because they see their imagination come to life in a very real

way. Students eyes light up as they see characters that they had only seen in their mind become moving, speaking, and breathing characters on stage. After their performance, the students have an opportunity to share with the audience their inspiration and their thought process behind their work. This moment of praise and focus on each student leaves them with a strong confidence in themselves and an opportunity to discuss their works with professionals from all areas of North Carolina.


Selected playwrights and their teachers will receive an e-mail once selections are made regarding detailed information about the showcase.

This year we need students to perform our Outstanding Plays

Each school that would like to participate will need a maximum of 9 students. Your school will receive the scripts on March 6th. Rehearsals in the space with the playwrights will be on April 22nd from 9-10 AM for the HS Plays and 10-11AM for the MS and ES Plays. We will be provided pizza for performers and playwrights between the final rehearsals and the showcase.  

Each student will need to fill out the photo/video release form. 

Video and Photo Release Form   

If your school is interested in applying, fill out the performance application. 


For More information contact: Emily Klingman at

and Emma Crumpler at




NCYPF Published Playwrights



Now presenting our NEW published collection of plays on AMAZON!










               CLICK HERE  








 CLICK HERE                                                                    CLICK HERE 


Please give the playwright credit for their work. The plays should serve not only as text but as inspiration for your students to create their own works.


The playwrights grant you permission to use all scripts within the classroom for educational purposes. If you wish to produce a play for a performance, you must contact the playwright for royalty information. The amount of the royalty fee is completely up to the individual playwright. However, we suggest a fair compensation to be $25 per performance. Contact with the playwright may be made through Emily Klingman at 

Teachers may make as many copies as are needed.

All monies received by NCTAE for the plays goes toward the expenses of making the plays available to you and to fund awards for future student playwrights.



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