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Star Point Leader:

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ARTS NC Resources

From the Advocacy Star Point team, we humbly encourage you to check out the election portal that is from our friends at ARTS NC. Included in this link are the following:

1) Outlines on what nonforprofits can and can't do with elections,

2) A link to find your local board of elections for your county,

3) Results from a survey that was sent by ARTS NC to each NC candidate for US House, NC House, and NC Senate regarding their opinions of the arts in our state, and

4) Any frequently asked questions you might have about the upcoming election.

Position Statement on Recent Class Size Allotment Issues

Allotment Sizing Bill - Cuts to Arts Teacher Positions

Please read the attached file for NCTAE's position on recent class size allotment issues.  This statement was approved at our meeting on Friday, February 17. 


Why is it important for us to take a stand?

The 2016 budget put into law specific mandates that reduced class sizes in K-3 classrooms effective in fall 2017.  Without additional state funding, districts will need to increase the number of teachers (and classrooms) for those grades.  This will require eliminating arts teachers, health and PE teachers, world languages teachers, and other positions such as counselors and nurses.  For example, in Guilford County Schools, implementation of this budget provision would eliminate every Theatre Arts position--elementary, middle and high school--AND 5/8 of their music teachers.  


Taking action:

We need to take a stand and we need a unified voice.  

If you are ready to get involved, here are some simple steps to follow:

Over the weekend we learned that the House has voted unanimously to approve HB-13, which gives a bit of relief to this allotment crunch.  We need to focus our advocacy efforts on reaching our senators now.


  • Please send a letter (or email) to your senator.  There is a link at the bottom of the position paper that will help you find their contact information.

  • Be positive in your comments. Include that you are a constituent, that you are a teacher, and that you are connected to others who also vote.

  • Include your concerns that this allotment requirement will negatively impact all children's education.  Where possible, make your connections personal.

  • Ask specific questions that will hopefully generate a response.

  • Include a copy of our position paper so they know they are hearing from you, but also hearing from our entire organization.

You may also make a quick phone call, but please send them our position statement.  This connects you and your contact to our organization.  A unified vocie will have a much bigger overall impact!


Thanks for all you do to make North Carolina a better place to be a Theatre Arts Educator!  

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