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Winter Focus page
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Join us at the Trinity Center in Salter Path, NC
Earn 1.5 CEU 
Winter Focus Prices:
Early registration through Nov. 30th.
Double Occupancy: $24
Single Occupancy: $280

(Includes room, meals and event fees.)
Late registration starting Dec. 1st is an extra $30.

Must be a paid member to participate in this event.  Membership dues are $20.
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February 16-18, 2024
Acting for the Camera 


Winter Focus Scholarship

The Winter Focus Scholarship offers two $120 scholarships to members who meet the following requirements. 

Must have never attended a Winter Focus in the past. 

Must have attended the previous Fall Sharing conference. 

Must have paid full event fees for Fall Sharing conference with no fee waivers. 

This year's Winter Focus Scholarships are generously are provided by donations from generous members.

Words that describe our wonderful weekend:

Future Dates for winter focus:

February 2025 Film Making

WF wordal.png

Winter Focus 2023

Stage Management

Winter Focus 2022

Leadership Focus


Past Winter Focus Events

Winter Focus 2021

Directing and Producing in a Virtual World

Winter Focus 2019

Studying Stella Adler

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 11.21.08

Winter Focus 2018

Lighting Techniques


Winter Focus 2020

Scenic Painting

Winter Focus 2020 Flyer

WF 2020 group.jpg

Winter Focus 2017

Meisner Technique

Winter Focus 2016

Stage Combat and Movement

mirla 2.jpg

Winter Focus 2015

Musical Theater

Winter Focus 2013

Stage Makeup!

Winter Focus 2014
Film Festival

View "Taking the Plunge" online.

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