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Must be a member of NCTAE to apply

The Scarborough Scholarship was created in 2005 in honor of Sue Scarborough, master teacher and founder of North Carolina Theatre Arts Educators. NCTAE makes available the Scarborough Scholarship for teaching professionals who want to go anywhere in the world to practice and study in depth techniques directly related to teaching theatre. Studies theatre arts, contributing disciplines, &/or related art forms may be undertaken in North Carolina, elsewhere in the United States, or abroad (may be one scholarship in each). One or more scholarships will be given annually ranging from $250 to $2000. Applications are considered on an individual basis and accepted (for the summer following the current academic year) until February 1. The money is to be used the summer following the application's approval at Winter Focus in February. Funds for fees, transportation, room &/or board (cost of materials not included) must be expended for the approved studies during the year for which they were awarded. All recipients guarantee to share their experience with other theatre arts educators at the Fall Sharing immediately following their studies.

To be eligible, applying teachers must:

  • Have been an active members of NCTAE for at least two years (attending one Fall Sharing &/or Winter Focus in each of the 2 years immediately previous to the application)

  • Want to continue their educations with non-degree related studies, not for licensure purposes. Note: If an applicant has an advanced degree, his or her application may be considered as the volume of applications permits.

  • Applications should be sent to


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Applications can be found under our MEMBERS ONLY tab.

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